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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does COVID-19 affect shipping?

A: Due to the increase in online commerce post-pandemic, shipping companies have been overwhelmed by demand. This has caused a general increase in shipping delays across the board worldwide.

Q: How do you keep the rodents frozen during shipping?

A: We use dry ice and insulated packaging to keep the rodents frozen during shipping.

Q: Is your packaging recyclable?

A: Yes, our packaging is 100% recyclable, both the box itself and the insulation.

Q: How long are frozen rodents good for?

A: Frozen rodents stored in a kitchen freezer last for up to six months. If stored in a deep freezer, the rodents can last for upwards of a year before spoiling.

Q: What is the best way to thaw frozen rodents?

A: Rodents can be thawed with a few methods. Thawing in a refrigerator, air thawing, or thawing in lukewarm water are the best practices. Methods used to thaw rodents at an accelerated rate (hot water, heat lights/pads, microwave) can cause damage that render the feeder unusable.

Q: What if my rodents are delayed and they arrive thawed?

A: In the event of rodents spoiling due to a shipping delay, immediately email us with your order number and pictures of the spoiled rodents. We will verify the delay and subsequently issue a refund. We do not issue refunds without photographic evidence.

Q: Can I get a replacement box of rodents?

A: No, we do not ship replacement rodents. We only issue refunds.

Q: Can I get a refund for smelly rodents?

A: We do not issue refunds on orders for the lone complaint of a bad smell. Naturally, frozen rodents have a distinct odor. Without other visual evidence of an issue, we are unable to refund on this basis alone.

Q: Do you ship to PO BOX?

A: No, we only ship to physical addresses or to a UPS hold center for pick up.

Q: Do you ship everyday of the week?

A: No, we only ship orders Monday through Wednesday, with arrivals estimated no later than Friday. We do not ship any packages intentionally that will be held over the weekend, as the dry ice will evaporate and the feeders will spoil.

Q: Can I return my rodents?

A: No, we do not accept returns due to bio-security concerns. It is the customer’s responsibility to discard any spoiled feeders.

Q: Do you ship on holidays?

A: Major holidays, unfortunately, impact our ability to ship as usual. We will post notices on our home page and on social media during major holidays explaining discontinuations or delays in service.

Q: What do you feed your rodents?

A: We feed Mazuri rodent food, which is widely agreed upon as the highest quality rodent diet.

Q: How do you euthanize your animals?

A: We use carbon dioxide (CO2) to euthanize our rodents in a quick and painless process. This method of euthanasia is considered the most humane by the American Veteriary Medical Association.

Q: Do you sell wholesale to pet stores?

A: At this time we are not accepting any wholesale buyers.

Q: Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

A: We ship to Alaska with a flat rate of $100. We do not currently ship to Hawaii.

Q: Can I pick up my order?

A: We do not offer in person pick up at this time.